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Whoops! has been selected as one of the films to tour this summer with the Raindance Independent Tour, which means audiences up and down the country will be able to see the film from 9th-26th June 2014. We can’t wait to share Whoops! with you the way it was meant to be seen: large, loud and bloodily splashed across the big screen.


You'll also have the chance to meet the filmmakers and cast at some very special Q&A sessions after the screenings.


The Vue cinemas that will screen Whoops! are Edinburgh (9th/10th June), Gateshead (11th/12th June), Halifax (16th/17th June), Manchester (18th/19th June), Cardiff (23rd/24th June) and Portsmouth (25th/26th June). We are also planning a screening in the film's hometown of York at a later date. Book tickets now at








































Whoops! from SAM on Vimeo.

Quintessential Northern family the Clements lead an ordinary life... with one small snag.


In a quiet cul-de-sac in leafy suburbia, Rose Clements - loving mother to Emma & Patrick and wife to Dave - is quietly stacking up a body count of accidental murders... through no motivation other than her own clumsiness.


Dave finds himself burdened with the task of dutifully covering up Rose’s deadly path of destruction; quite the quandary due to his inherent family values. Through ingenious body disposal methods and cover-ups, Dave & Rose attempt to maintain an air of normality in the home...


But gradually and inevitably, the police are closing in...












9.15 28th September 2013

VUE Apollo Cinema

Piccadilly Circus


The Glass Caves have kindly allowed us to use 'Eboracum' for the title track of Whoops! At least for the festivals.

I suggest you follow the link below, buy the track and love it just like we do.

So, what's next for these collaborators.


Well, at the moment, Tony & Miles are busy perfecting their script for a future epic feature 'Zomblogalypse' based on a cult web series that they created along with Hannah, a Knitting friend.


Meanwhile back at the Heavy Elephant headquarters plans are being made for a follow up feature, which will be another collaboration with MilesTone Films.


More news laters.....

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